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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  October 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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lululemon sensei plane crashed into an apartment building in summitit county killing all night tonight we know what caused the crash.. >> ntsb release the report toda blaming it on several factors, primarily pilot error stop >> they see that the pilots, th charter company and the faa played apart as dave nethers joins us. ntsb today caused the crash the result of a litany of failures, it was carrying seven passengers, two pilots crashed into the apartment building
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the ntsb says the first officer was flying th plane with the flaps laurentf configuration, the captain coul a preventative by calling off the landingco but did not come investigator said that they bot ignored standard operating procedures, that appears to be part of the culture where they worked, the company is criticized for hiring and training procedures and the faa for not doing his job to properly monitor the execuflight casual towards compliance with standards illustrates a disregard for safety and an attitude that like relet the pilots to believe that strict adherence to standard operating procedures not requiredl. we at the ntsb find out that customers are not getting what they expect an i think in this case that was trueha. >> ntsb concluding, a dozen recommendations for every charter carrier in the country, and the company that builds the
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better training, that are monitoring of the companies com in akron, dave nethers fox 8 news. the rocky river men accused of murdering his daughter faced a judge and the it was only karen the courtroom asan jamaal monster requested a lower bond but to ead it was raised 2.5 million, the prosecutor sai they have proved that he planne to kill his 27-year-old that he took the murder weapon out of a safe 13 hours before , defense attorneys claiming that he used it for protection,n, as moved money from his business t .he bank with the highest police continued to gather evidence against the man accused ofth killing a 15-year-old mayfield high school student. >> they have not ruled out.
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>> their review in the case, an told that charges are expected to be filed tomorrow, family of murder victim sunny patel came to the police department to discuss the case he died friday after being shot during a robbery at the mr. hiram in cleveland heights was helping his uncle when the robbery took place the suspect was arrested sunday night suspect is believed to be the same person receiving this vide the university heights subway saturday. charges expected wednesday. cleveland police officer charged with shooting of an unarmed burglary suspect pleads
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charge of negligent homicide, they say that he and his partne were responding to a break-inen a grocery store in march 2015 when they confronted 8-year-old brandon jones,s, the unarmed teenager was running for the storeu withth stolen goods when a scuffle ensued, prosecutors say giffordsc negligently fired his gun hitting jones in the chest teenager died a short time later. the driver charts were killing a man trying to cross the roadad later write to a preliminary hearing, the case bound over to the grand jury police say 20-year-old zaire abbott was drinking when she ha reno jonesg crossing st. clair the time who later died, they say that she told her father happened and he called the police. the weather is taking a turn
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this is a look at east 4th street from the pickwick cam. they have dark skies. the rain could fall at any moment, and melissa myers is here with the latest.t. gray has begun to fall there, currently 76 hopkins despite th cloud cover. the wind will begin to subside overnight. showers from port clinton down port clinton down to norwalk, and new london with showers.
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all the way to northern ashtabula count there will be rain showers also now to the south it is quiet. rain showers until about midnight to the southeast then tomorrow morning and will be dr again, partly cloudy with still above normal temperatures in th 70s. will be dry until more rain showers tomorrow night. tonight upper 50s. the gradual colder air beginning going into the 70s still about ten above normal.
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the indians are just one win away from the first trip to the worl series since 1977. >> if you have friends or famil comingng to downtown they might have a tough time to find a hotel room downtown. >> you should look it soon or else you're going to be in the suburbs. account of 18 hotels downtown, minor bugs, many days next week, blessed and hotel sold out every game day, hotel manager say expect to pay at least 40 percent moree company had to pay more than $100 extra to get a room downtown, fox 8 is your exclusive home for every game of the world series,, starting tuesday, october 25, join us for game one next
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browser still looking for their first win of 2016. they will have a matchup with the cincinnati bengals on sunday,ilup they've got some pl banged up, jordan poyer with a lacerated kidney and the loss t the titans, he was discharged from a national hospital today, the cannot be cleared to fly so he drew holm,, to reiter in joel bitonio are recovering after season-ending surgeries. with acl and foot injuries, they shouldld both be ready for 2017 and cody kessler continues to impress with both his toughness andt passing ability. >> just going week to week, one week, stay in the pocket and make plays and yesterday outside the pocket, hehe made some huge place outside of the pocket.
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courage. the browns will look to snap their seven-game losing streak in cincinnati, it is a homecoming of sorts for coach hue jackson who spent several seasons as the bengals offensive coordinator, cincinnati is just to inform, kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. the cavaliers home overages a week away. >> they are in columbus for the preseason finale, tipoff agains the wizards on ohio state campus, jr smith is in the line-up just days after signing his four-year contract don't expect to see the starters for very long, with high last comin up tonight at 10:00 o'clock.h the third and final presidential debate is just ove
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election is three weeks from today both campaigns are on the defensive. >> stacey cohan reports dump trump is trying to win back fee voters and the clinton campaign deals with more e-mails . >> is another october surprise, documents have led to allegations of a quid pro quo bargain between the state
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of a private e-mail server according to fbi notes taken under secretary of state patrick kennedy urging the fbi to declassify on the e-mails in question during an interview with a different fbi official said he told state department that he would look into the e-mail ifd they would look into his request for personnel in iraq. john kirby says there was no deal made.. >> there is no proof, it is absolutely not true completely false allegations. president obama weighed in hedda prescott said that there' nothing here. the accounts that have been put out there are just not true.
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cover up and out bribery? >> real question is not what happened but how will this impacth voters trust in hillary clinton? the latest list in th i-o controversy will be among those questions faced it was a nice debate, stacey cohan reporting. >> the third debate coming up tomorrow in las vegas, 9:00 p.m as moderator you can see that your own fox 8. coalition forces in iraq on the attack against isis president obama says iraqi troops are determined to retake most so far that have made substantials progress but isis not giving up, they're hiding the position in fighting back withe suicide bombers, mr. oba is confident that iraqi forces can defeat isis but that it wil
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it will be a difficult fight and there will be setbacksks bu am confident that just as they have been defeated in communities across iraq, they will be defeated and also and that will be another step towards their ultimate destruction.dd >> about 100 us troops with the iraqiw forces, the pentagon say it could be as long as two months to expel isis to recapture the city. place in texas shot and killed a woman armed threatened them, it happened sunday morning, when her husband calle 911 said she was driving radically with the gun they say that she ignored commands to drop the weapon then aimed it a them telling them to shootern t case is under investigation. the navy man who drove off of the san diego bridge killing four will likely be arraignedmd
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say he will be arraigned tomorrow charges of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughterin highway patrol trooper was also injured is still recovering. cool weather houston firefighters to get a handle on a wildfire in southern coloradoc claims discourse about 24 square miles of landd near colorado springs, coloradodo weather today allow the helicopters to get back on the air to drop water. >> nasa saves last month was warmest on record the average was slightly warmer than september 2014 that raises sinc october 2015, 11 months of set new record high temperatures2. the past few days it has been very nice,, but now it is probably time to get out your
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here is melissa myers to share the info with us.h some big changes coming especially saturday at burke lakefront, on time lapse, we ha sunshine the first half the day then clouds at times completely covered the sky. and out some raindrops falling. the high today was 82, about 20 record was 84 back in 1950. sunset was at 6:41 p.m.
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70s in '60s upstream will be our highs each day as they drop each day so light rain showers in the area, from cleveland along southwest alone 71 grafton and brunswick, also in london with some rain showers down through chardon and rain showers in the county, ashtabul county.
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then the front brings us more heavier rainfall wednesday night. tomorrow will be in the 70s, then war rain showers wednesday night. could be having on and off throughout the day thursday afternoon. we have a rainfall deficit hopkins of 1.2 inches, tonight showers depart around midnight and then a pleasant full day tomorrow. thursday,
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football. and friday could coo enough with highs in the upper 40s and overnight in the 30s
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rock hall of fame announcing th 2017 nomineeses, some big names the list. >> including a dozen first-timers go depeche mode, elo,o, joan baez, journey, pear jam, steppenwolf. >> among those in consideration the cars,ti chaka khan, jackson, j. geils band, the zombies. what has been so close that they want to offer more choices but only five will be inducted you can vote right nowow. the winners will be announced in december. fans of the price is right are still talking about a
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>> drew carey, was stunned as three contestants spun the whee and tied for $1. they want a thousand dollars and then they had to spin off who would advance to the showcase showdown, the first time it happened since he took
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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